Altar Restration by a Japanese craftman

About Japan Memorial Corporation

Japan Memorial Corporation was founded by Mr. Tatsuji Maeda in 2003. Japan Memorial Corporation was incorporated in Hawaii and started business with $90,000 in capital. Japan Memorial Corporation is the only company that supplies Japanese Buddhism and Shintoism Altars and Accessories including Headstones in various styles from traditional to modern in the U.S.

The founder, Mr. Tatsuji Maeda, was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1958. Mr Maeda had studied in Victoria, British Columbia, Toronto, and Ontario, Canada for 13 years since he was six years old. Occasionally, Mr. Maeda went back to Japan and studied at St. Joseph College in Yokohama, Japan during Canadian school holidays. When Mr. Maeda was 19 years old, he moved back to Japan. Then, Mr. Maeda was required to complete Japanese traditional education programs and entered a high school and Nihon University in Tokyo, Japan. Mr. Maeda moved to Hawaii in 2003 to fulfill his wife's wish to have her ash brought to Hawaii. Mr. Maeda kept it at Jodo Mission of Hawaii.